Does Textpattern have a built-in backup function?
How do I move Textpattern from one server to another?


Currently, there is no built-in backup or export function in Textpattern. You can use several tools designed for the purpose:

phpMyAdmin is supplied by most web hosts. The phpMyAdmin FAQ has a brief explanation of how to back up and restore.

mysqldump generates SQL backups that can be restored using phpMyAdmin or with the mysql command-line client. See the MySQL manual for details.

rss_admin_db_manager is a Textpattern plugin that includes backup and restore functions. Read more here.

If your server runs Unix, and has a cron function, here’s a sample crontab entry for an automatic weekly backup:

0 0 * * 0 mysqldump -Qc -u mydbusername --password=mydbpassword mydbname | gzip > $HOME/txp_backup-`date '+%Y%m%d'`.sql.gz

If you don’t know what a crontab is, or how to test one, we recommend instead using one of the other options listed above.

AutoMySQLBackup is an open source Unix shell script which automates the process of rotating daily, weekly, and monthly MySQL backups.

The remark regarding crontabs applies here as well.