I changed a tag in my page template (or form), now the page is completely blank!
A large portion of my page is missing


This usually means an error has occured but is not displayed because you’re running in Live mode. Setting the Production Status preference to Live suppresses all error messages. When a fatal error occurs in Live mode, the result is a blank page.

Go to textpattern > admin > preferences, and set Production Status to Testing, then view the problem page again. You should see a more informative error message this time.

It’s always a good idea to use Testing mode when editing templates and forms. Switch to Live mode only when you’re certain everything works.

(Debugging mode is intended only for developers; it’s normal to see some spurious messages in this mode)

If you’re still seeing a blank page even in Testing mode, the most likely cause is a syntax error in one of your <txp:...> tags. Common problems to look for include:

  • unclosed tags
  • <txp:else> instead of <txp:else />
  • </txp:foo /> instead of </txp:foo>
  • <txp:foo instead of <txp:foo>