How do I get rid of <p> or <br> tags in article bodies?
How do I get more control over HTML markup in article bodies?
Why are my excerpts enclosed in <p> tags?
How do I turn off Textile?


By default, Textpattern articles are written in Textile, the Humane Web Text Generator. Some quick examples of Textile in action:

*bold* becomes bold
_emphasis_ becomes emphasis
"link": becomes link

You can read more about Textile here, and try it out for yourself.

As well as explicit markup such as the examples above, Textile automatically wraps blocks of text with <p>...</p> tags, and turns line breaks into <br /> tags.

If this is inconvenient, you can turn Textile off individually for a single article with the Use Textile setting under Advanced Options, just to the left of the main article text on the content > write page. There are separate settings for the body and excerpt.

To turn off Textile by default, look for the Use Textile setting under admin > preferences.

Both options require that you resave your article before they have any effect.

If you just want to disable Textile for part of an article, you can use several methods:

1. A space at the beginning of a line will turn off <p>...</p> tags for that line

2. To disable Textile for a few words, use ==...==

3. To disable Textile for a larger block, use <notextile>...</notextile>

If you’re writing an article body or excerpt that consists mainly of hard-coded HTML or Textpattern tags, or where you need exact control over the markup, your best bet is to turn off Textile for that article, and hand-code the markup yourself.