Team Textpattern is proud to announce our initial pricing model for the forthcoming Textpattern CS(Clever Series) release, due April 1st, 2007.

We understand that everyone is different, and that different web sites have different needs. To cater for our users varied requirements, we’ve come up with a range of Textpattern editions to suit (almost!) any web site and budget:

Edition Price
Textpattern Ultimate Edition $2499
Textpattern Master Collection $1599
Textpattern Enterprise Edition $1599
Textpattern Production Premium $1199
Textpattern Design Premium $1099
Textpattern Design Standard $999
Textpattern Web Premium $899
Textpattern Web Standard $849
Textpattern Extended $799
Textpattern Professional $699
Textpattern Commercial $599
Textpattern Business $549
Textpattern Home Premium $499
Textpattern Home Standard $449
Textpattern Personal $349
Textpattern MU $999
Textpattern Core $89
Textpattern Classic $99
Textpattern Lite $49
Textpattern For Kids $19
iTextpattern $0.99 per song
Textpattern Bob $make an offer
Textpattern Plus $99+
Textpattern Student $39
Textpattern Amateur $49
Textpattern Semi-Professional $299
Textpattern Weekender $199 Sat-Sun only
Textpattern Advanced $399
Textpattern Extreme! $17.95
Textpattern Loan 10 easy payments of a finger or thumb