Textpattern’s interface is a streamlined workbench of efficiency; giving you the tools you need without getting in the way. Designers can quickly produce clean, standards-compliant web sites, while clients get on with publishing content. With Textile included, authors can nudge simple text into beautifully-rendered web copy.

The simple XML-style tag system allows complete control over dynamic content without the need for programming. Mix TXP tags with XHTML and CSS to produce page layouts into which the content is published. And if you ever wish to go beyond the built-in tags, use the simple Plugin system to extend Textpattern’s capabilities.

In addition:

  • Textpattern is standards-compliant by default
  • Unlimited sections, page layout and styling can be created
  • Template and CSS editing is browser-based
  • File and image upload and organization is browser-based
  • Plugin installation and maintenance is browser-based
  • Content can be imported from other content management systems
  • The lively forum is supported by the development team and the community

Check out the list of features or find out more ways in which Textpattern can help your sites shine.