Don’t take our word for it: this is what others are saying about Textpattern:

"Elegant simplicity." It is intuitive and the learning curve is not too steep. Plus, you cannot beat the price!

Someone on a newsgroup mentioned TXP. I said "WTF? Never heard of it", I came here, installed it, worked ever since and loved every minute of it.


TXP appeals 'cos it is so flexible... it is hard to beat as an all-rounder.

I've never needed to do something that it couldn't do and it definitely has the friendliest community I've ever come across.

I tried WordPress, Mambo, Joomla!, Nucleus, PHP-Nuke and XOOPS, but no matter what, I have to say that Textpattern is the best

I love the simplicity, speed and extensibility; clients love the ease of use and transparency in content editing. In a phrase - it just works.