Wednesday 12 October 2011 by

Never one to shy away from pointing out Textpattern’s greatness, when the opportunity arose to talk shop, some Bloke was all over it.

In case you’re not familiar with them, NuBlue are an award-winning web design and development agency and hosting company based in the UK. Many of their clients use Textpattern for their websites, so we were contacted to offer some insight into Textpattern, its features and direction.

Naturally, Bloke stepped up to the plate because talking a lot is his kind of thing. After all, it’s no good having infinite monkeys and infinite typewriters at his disposal if they can’t be coerced into some penetrating journalism every so often (bananas are in the post, guys. Yes, two for you Bobo).

The fruits of their labour are out there in the blogosphere, awaiting discovery. A big thank you to NuBlue for giving us the opportunity to further evangelise Textpattern and the smart community that make this CMS what it is.