Yes, that’s right.

With a full development team, a booming community forum, thousands of sites running (including one belonging, goodness me, to a Kennedy), resources far and wide, a gorgeous roadmap coming together, massively ambitious side projects in the works, it’s time to light this candle.

What’s in a number? Taking a long squinty look at the way Textpattern has developed since it first appeared back in the wilds of 2001, it becomes clear that, when viewed from a perspective other than my own (I decided recently to ordain myself the world’s slowest control freak, ahem), it’s very good software, which has gone through remarkable evolution and certainly achieved dare-one-utter-the-phrase maturity. It was mere lazy perfectionism that never let it actually be ‘released’, (and, presumably, led me to go six months between release candidates, flinging in features all the way).

People seem to love using it, production Textpattern sites have been up for years, features have become conspicuously present in other software. My our little one is a lot more growdup than I’d allowed.

Also I’m turning 40 next year, so why not.


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