Although it’s been less than a month since 4.6.0 was unleashed, wider community feedback has spawned this update, which fixes a few functional and installation niggles.

It also sees the return of the Classic theme, which was omitted from 4.6.0 due to various other priorities. So, while this could be classed a “feature”—something that’s not permitted in point releases—it’s more of a welcome return from a brief vacation. We hope you’ll find the theme familiar, yet tanned and buff after spending time drinking sangria, and watching sunrises over endless sandy yellow beaches the last few weeks. Or something like that.

This release also sees us at version parity with WordPress for the first time. We doubt this will be a continuing trend at keeping up with their release cycle, but after the behemoth quantity of changes that went into 4.6.0, we’re intending to drop more frequent, less mammoth releases from now on.

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You can either download from the links below, or from the GitHub project repository directly (please take a minute to ‘star’ our project too if you like it!).

File download

Single-site install version, Zip format.
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Multi-site install version, Gzip format.
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Installation and upgrade

As with all releases, please ensure you log out of your admin side prior to upgrade and refer to the README.txt file in the download archives for detailed instructions.

List of changes

Credits, thanks and support

Many thanks to all people who reported bugs and omissions that slipped through the 4.6.0 beta programme. We hope we’ve caught all the annoyances now, but if you spot anything else then please check the issue queue. If you can’t see your problem in that list, feel free to raise a new one, or clone the repo, fix the bug and submit a Pull Request yourself.

For anyone wanting to follow how 4.7.0 is shaping up, hop onto the dev branch and sync your local copy with that. We try to keep the branch tidy enough that it’s usable at any stage during development, and appreciate the advance feedback as we add new features and improve our favourite CMS—and please star our GitHub project if you like it.

In the meantime, please download 4.6.1 and continue to enjoy using our little slice of yellow to make your websites!