Thank you to all testers of our first two betas. We’ve nailed a truckload more issues, minor improvements and corner cases so it’s time for the third and hopefully final beta before release.


You can either download from the links below, or from the GitHub project repository directly (please take a minute to ‘star’ our project too if you like it!)

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The spiffing demo site courtesy of Pete Cooper allows you to run betas or development versions in complete safety if you don’t wish to apply the beta to your own sites just yet. We’ve had sites running in the wild on dev and beta code for some time so we’re confident it’s robust enough for most situations. The demo is rebuilt every few hours using the new Textpattern 4.7.0 auto-installer.

We encourage you to take a backup of your file system and database then download this beta and help us test this release to make Textpattern the best we can. Thank you in advance for helping and raising any issues on GitHub.

System requirements

Please note that Textpattern 4.7 now requires PHP 5.4 or newer. PHP 7 is highly recommended.

What’s new?

Please see the previous release notes and HISTORY.txt for full details of what’s coming in 4.7.0. Changes in this beta compared to the previous one:

Admin-side changes

Public-side changes

Developer changes

Beta notes

Make sure that if you use this beta release, you also update to the final 4.7.0 version when it is released. If you have updated from a previous beta please remember to also go to the Languages panel and update any installed languages if available.

Although we make every effort to ensure Textpattern is as robust as possible, do not use this beta release on a production site unless you have a working backup of both the site’s files and its database and know how to use it.

Please report any issues, stating the beta version that you are using.

Above all, have fun!