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We've tried to cull a list of the most asked questions of the basics of Textpattern into a single space. These answers may save you some much needed time.

Releases FAQs

Our release FAQs pertain to specific development releases in Textpattern's history.

Textpattern user documentation>

The Textpattern user documentation contains a rich host of information on every aspect of Textpattern. Main topics include Orientation, Installation, Admin-side information, Tag Reference, Tag Basics, Tutorials and Extending Textpattern amongst other things. You should find it extremely helpful.

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Textpattern Demo>

Why not try it out for yourself?

Textpattern on GitHub>

See the latest revisions to the Textpattern development branch.

Textpattern Resources>

For plugins, modifications and tutorials.

Textpattern Tips>

Tips, tutorials and code.


Front-of-site and admin theme template repository.>

Multiple feeds from various Textpattern-related sites.

We Love TXP>

A gallery showcasing sites that use Textpattern.

Book: Textpattern Solutions - PHP-based content management made easy

Textpattern Solutions>

Textpattern Solutions leaves no stone unturned. It starts by introducing you to Textpattern and guiding you through its simple installation process. After the core features of the administrative interface are explored, the book dives into building sites with TXP, using CSS, articles, forms, pages, and more to create fully customized, totally dynamic templates.

The book then covers development issues like installing plugins and building your own custom plugins to further enhance your Textpattern-based site.

The book concludes with several case studies to provide ideas and inspiration including a weblog, an e-commerce site and an online review directory.