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Use this online enquiry form to contact the Textpattern Development Team. If your message is security-related, please adhere to the security report rules.

Refrain from using this form to ask general questions about Textpattern or to ask for support—rather, please make use of the extensive documentation and the support forum. General “How do I…?” questions and support enquiries will be politely ignored. Thank you for your co-operation and interest in Textpattern!

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Security report rules

We take security very seriously! If you wish to report a Textpattern security issue please ensure that you’ve taken care of the following security precautions:

  1. Take steps to ensure any vulnerability or issue is not due to a third party script, malfunctioning server, or insufficient security precautions taken by you or your server admin (such as weak passwords, for example).
  2. Report any and all security vulnerabilities to us first. Do not publicly disclose information about potential security bugs. It’s unhelpful, and can be damaging. We follow the RFPolicy 2.0, and expect you to in return.
  3. Allow us a reasonable amount of time to assess and correct the issue before sharing details with others or otherwise making details public.
  4. Provide details as to the nature of the vulnerability, and examples of the steps to replicate it.

Alternatively you can report vulnerabilities directly to security at textpattern dot com.