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The small content management system that can handle big ideas

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Built on solid foundations

Textpattern CMS is completely free, open source software and it's built upon proven web technologies too. Furthermore, it doesn’t muddy your HTML with additional code dependencies or script libraries.

Flexible tag-based templates

Your designs—your code. Textpattern has a powerful tag-based template language that’s easy to learn and provides a wealth of ways to structure a website and manipulate content.

Fast, lean, secure and extendable

We purposefully keep the core of the CMS lean and responsive. However the system is fully extendable via plugins, of which there are hundreds available via our community of plugin authors.

Simple, elegant user interface

Our design philosophy extends to the Textpattern core user interface too. We try to avoid needless clutter within the administration panels and we strive to make the interface fully accessible for all users.

Available in over 50 languages

The Textpattern core user interface has been localized into many languages. Of course, we always welcome further translation by the community. More translations are added all the time!

Community-driven development

Over 21 years of development has been lovingly poured into our CMS. The active, friendly and helpful community surrounding the platform ensures its continued success and guides its future.

Write using Textile, Markdown, etc.

Our CMS ships with built-in support for Textile text formatting language, and support for Markdown language via a plugin. Alternatively, you can write plain text or vanilla HTML if you so wish.

Contributors are welcomed

Textpattern is open source under the GNU General Public License v2.0, and all development takes place on GitHub. User contributions are welcome (and indeed, are enthusiastically encouraged).

Textpattern User Interface (UI)

Site showcase

110% Awesome Websites

Our users continue to amaze us with their wonderful creations! Feast your eyes on some of the awesome websites powered by Textpattern CMS in our site showcase section.

Art and Culture Center/Hollywood website
Artedomus website
Hicks Design website

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