Who is it for?

With its built-in simplicity, a blogger can start publishing in minutes. Designers and developers appreciate the ability to control all aspects of HTML and CSS from the administration interface, and with hundreds of plugins available, the power of Textpattern CMS is easily extended.

How does it work?

Textpattern uses built-in language tags as placeholders to determine how dynamic content should be retrieved and displayed. You have complete control over the content and presentation, making the CMS both simple and elegant to use.

The administration interface is minimalist, efficient and clearly labelled. Designers can quickly produce well-structured, standards-compliant websites while authors can get on with publishing and editing content. Textile, which uses just a few markers to nudge plain text into fully-formatted web content, is built-in.

Is it extensible?

The core features are greatly extended through the use of plugins. Need a special function? Find the plugin, copy and paste it into the plugin field and activate. Simple as that!

There’s no need to know any PHP or JavaScript coding to use Textpattern, though many web developers create plugins for all kinds of purposes. The friendly community forum will most likely make you a plugin if it hasn’t already been made. Unlike some other forums, the Textpattern developers themselves answer questions, listen to suggestions and write plugins too.

So it’s stable and secure, then?

Absolutely! The development team and community thoroughly test each release before it is made public. Be assured the software is robust, reliable, and mature.