Why should I use Textpattern?
How does Textpattern compare to other weblog/cms applications?
What does Textpattern do well?


We receive many questions about Textpattern’s strengths and limitations. Textpattern is best suited for web sites that require several — though not necessarily all – of the following features:

  • News or Weblog-style chronological articles, perhaps organized into several distinct departments or sections.
  • Groups of articles organized by other means, like a FAQ, product catalog or portfolio.
  • Single “static” pages, like an About or Contact page.
  • Images; either attached to articles (as in a photoblog), or displayed in a gallery.
  • File downloads.
  • Structure, presentation and content maintained separately.
  • Articles written by authors who don’t necessarily know HTML.

In other words, Textpattern is well suited for:

  • News, magazine, tutorial and review sites
  • Weblogs and photoblogs
  • Web sites for businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Online product catalogs
  • Portfolio and professional sites
  • Simple portals and file download sites

…or any web site that includes several of those characteristics.

You’ll find many fine examples of Textpattern sites on the Let’s See Yours, Then forum.

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