My .htaccess file is missing. Where can I get a copy?
.htaccess isn’t in the download!


The .htaccess file is inside the main directory in both the .zip and .tar.gz downloads. Some file browsers (particularly on OS X) don’t display files beginning with a ‘.’ by default, but it’s there, honest.

You can also fetch it from the subversion repository.

If you’re planning on using clean URLs, you’ll need to make sure you upload this file to your web site. The safest way to do this is usually to upload the ‘textpattern-4.0.7’ folder to your server, then moving it to the correct place, rather than selecting and uploading the contents of the ‘textpattern-4.0.7’ folder.

Some servers require manual changes to .htaccess for Clean URLs to work, and others don’t support it at all. You’ll find more information in this FAQ.