How do I change the number of articles displayed in a list?
How do I tell Textpattern to display only 1 (or 10, or 100) articles per page?


Edit your page template, and change the <txp:article /> tag to include a limit attribute, like this:

<txp:article limit=1 />

or this:

<txp:article limit=10 />

If no limit is specified, the default is 5.

To link to the next and previous pages from a list page (i.e. on your front page, or a section page), use the txp:older and txp:newer tags.

To link to the next and previous article from an article page, use the txp:link_to_next and txp:link_to_prev tags.

You can do this with one chunk of code in your page template, as used in Textpattern’s default template:

<txp:link_to_prev><txp:prev_title /></txp:link_to_prev>
<txp:link_to_next><txp:next_title /></txp:link_to_next>