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Our Recent Patrons

The fine folks whom have recently sent donations of $50 or more to help support Textpattern development. We are grateful to all our sponsors.

Donations in the past twelve months

  • Bryan Kim (26 Feb 2016)
  • Jan De Wilde (28 Jan 2016)
  • Miles Noble (1 Sep 2015)
  • Natalya Pastukhova (18 Feb 2015)
  • Andreas Stein, Uli, Kees Brandenburg, Julian Reisenberger, Jean-Pol Dupont, Joop Vos, MadebyVK, Els Lepelaars, James Martin, Michael Schlierbach, David Sprinz, Tommy Schmucker, Kieran Harrod Design & Marketing, Stefan Friedl, Adrian Gilbert, Torsten Krueger, all-sorts website solutions, cara-tm, Мороз Геннадий, Jorge Hernández Añón, mickael therer, Catherine McNair, Rabah Messaoudi, Philipp Schilling, Keith Smith, Petri Ikonen, Claire Brione, Walter Piovesan, Mike Dennis, Martin Sammtleben, Stacey Irvin, Barbara Kawalec, Dirk Hennies, Anton Zuiker, Joe Hastings, Dale Chapman, Edoardo Stefani, Jonathan Stubbs (1 Jan 2015)
  • Adi Gilbert (8 Dec 2014)
  • Michael Schlierbach (8 Dec 2014)
  • Andreas Delleske (13 Oct 2014)
  • Michael Schlierbach (21 Sep 2014)
  • John Wilson (7 Aug 2014)
  • Klaus Chia (13 Jul 2014)

Previous donations


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