Sunday 04 June 2006 by kusor

And you can go to the new Download 4.0 XML-RPC page in order to get it and install it on any existing 4.0.3 Textpattern powered site.

If you’re an assiduous reader of this blog, you probably remember that I’ve announced it several months ago. All my comments about the implementation in that post remain valid.

I’d like to thank Priyantha Jayanetti, Zoundry Developer for the help we’ve received on beta testing this implementation. More thanks for the people who said yes when we call for beta testing – there are still some things I’d like to try, so will ask for your collaboration again.

We’ve got documentation about how to configure some clients and will be very pleased to include new examples – and screenshots – if you can submit them to us.

Note for subversion users:

The txplib_wrapper.php file has been placed under the /textpattern/lib directory so, it will be checked out by default from there.

Meanwhile, the RPC server files are under on the subversion repository so you can create a new /rpc/ directory under your subversion install and checkout contents from there.