Tuesday 04 December 2012 by

Textpattern CMS 4.5.3 fixes these non-critical bugs:

  • Fix <txp:link_to_prev>, <txp:link_to_next>, <txp:prev_title>, and <txp:next_title> tags for certain combinations with <txp:article_custom>
  • Escape page name in the ‘Pages’ panel
  • Developer: Render valid HTML in fInput() for input types ‘file’ and ‘image’
  • Developer: In http_accept_format(), discard MIME formats with a quality factor below 0.1

This release contains no security-related fixes.


Due to packaging issues this download is no longer available. Please use a current version instead.

Installation and upgrade

Refer to the README.txt file in the download archives for detailed instructions.