Textpattern works on any web server that supports Apache or Nginx, PHP and MySQL. It runs fastest on the current mainline supported versions, such as Apache 2.4+, Nginx 1.16+, PHP 7.2+ or MySQL 5.6+.

The minimum requirements for Textpattern to run are as follows, but we always recommend vendor-supported versions to minimise the risk of leaving yourself open to known security issues with earlier packages.

  • PHP 5.5.0+ (version with active support recommended).
  • MySQL 5.0.3+ (version 5.5+ recommended).
  • Apache 1.3+ (version 2.4+ with mod_rewrite recommended) or Nginx (version 1.13+).
  • PHP extensions (included by default in many PHP installations):
  • Optional (recommended) PHP extensions:
  • A valid PHP date.timezone setting.
  • The MySQL user responsible for communicating with the database requires at minimum the following grant privileges: SELECT, CREATE, ALTER, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP, INDEX, LOCK TABLES. Some plugins may additionally require: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, CREATE VIEW.
  • A Unix/Linux server OS with locale support is recommended.
  • A working mail transport agent (e.g. Sendmail, Postfix, etc).

It is reported to work well on IIS and Lighttpd. Clean URLs are also possible on those systems, with the right configuration, but are not officially supported.