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Install the latest Textpacks (Textpattern CMS 4.7 onwards)

  1. Download the latest Textpacks release.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Upload the files within to your server textpattern/lang directory.
  4. Visit the Languages administration panel in your Textpattern admin area.
  5. Click ‘Update’ alongside the language in the grid.

Install the latest inline help files (Textpattern CMS 4.7 onwards)

  1. Download the latest inline help files release.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Upload the files within to your server textpattern/lang directory.

Current language translation progress

The Textpattern CMS base language is en-GB English, British (Oxford) – this base language also serves as a fallback for any text strings that have not been specifically translated into a target language yet. We then use the Crowdin translation platform to manage all other supported languages; Crowdin has a range of tools to help facilitate translations and makes the task as simple as possible.

List current of languages translation for Textpattern CMS

Language Code Translation status
Arabic ar 41% Translate
Bengali bn 3% Translate
Bosnian bs 16% Translate
Bulgarian bg 25% Translate
Catalan ca 37% Translate
Cebuano ceb 9% Translate
Chinese Simplified zh-CN 72% Translate
Chinese Traditional zh-TW 14% Translate
Croatian hr 19% Translate
Czech cs 98% Translate
Danish da 15% Translate
Dutch nl 40% Translate
English, United Kingdom en-GB 100% Translate
English, United States en-US 100% Translate
Estonian et 22% Translate
Filipino fil 27% Translate
Finnish fi 34% Translate
French fr 100% Translate
Fula ff 33% Translate
Galician gl 20% Translate
German de 49% Translate
Greek el 32% Translate
Hebrew he 17% Translate
Hindi hi 6% Translate
Hungarian hu 23% Translate
Icelandic is 10% Translate
Indonesian id 47% Translate
Italian it 99% Translate
Japanese ja 19% Translate
Khmer km 1% Translate
Korean ko 16% Translate
Kurmanji (Kurdish) kmr 1% Translate
Kyrgyz ky 1% Translate
Latvian lv 22% Translate
Lithuanian lt 22% Translate
Norwegian Bokmal nb 17% Translate
Norwegian Nynorsk nn-NO 2% Translate
Pashto ps 0% Translate
Persian fa 22% Translate
Polish pl 39% Translate
Portuguese pt-PT 21% Translate
Portuguese, Brazilian pt-BR 51% Translate
Punjabi pa-IN 0% Translate
Romanian ro 19% Translate
Russian ru 33% Translate
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr 27% Translate
Serbian (Latin) sr-CS 21% Translate
Sinhala si-LK 0% Translate
Slovak sk 33% Translate
Slovenian sl 0% Translate
Spanish es-ES 77% Translate
Swedish sv-SE 30% Translate
Tagalog tl 27% Translate
Thai th 13% Translate
Turkish tr 34% Translate
Ukrainian uk 29% Translate
Urdu (India) ur-IN 12% Translate
Urdu (Pakistan) ur-PK 0% Translate
Vietnamese vi 20% Translate
Welsh cy 2% Translate

Become a translator

Interested in becoming a translator of your language for Textpattern? There’s just a few things you need to note to get started:

  1. Signup for a user account on Crowdin (it’s free).
  2. Visit the Textpattern CMS Language Translations page and check whether the language(s) of your choice need translating (or check the table above).
  3. Select a language that is not 100% complete and start translating! Once we receive (automated) notice that new translation texts have been created we then peer review them and, if approved, move them into the CMS codebase. This can take a few days but we endeavour to review and include new translations as quickly as possible.
  4. If you spot errors within text that has already been translated, then using the process above you can also edit existing translations to correct them. Again, we peer review changes prior to them being included in the CMS codebase.
  5. If your chosen language has not been created yet in Crowdin, please contact us and we will generate the desired file so you can proceed.