Celebrating the commit #1000

That’s it: we’ve reached the commit #1000 now!

Which means more activity on the repository, more bugs fixed, new features, new projects… and 1000 new reasons to say “thank you” to everyone for the time you spend at the forum, writing to the mailing lists, coding plugins, submitting patches, building themes, writing documentation …and generally making Textpattern CMS better.

And now, stop celebrations and go to the next thousand!


  1. Congrats to the whole team! Txp is getting better and better everyday with all the work you guys put in.

    Keep it up!

  2. Congrats guys. The progress over the past few months has been amazing.

  3. Yassah!

  4. Congrats guys and thank you very much. This is awesome.

  5. Thanks :)

  6. Love it! Thanks, to all.

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