Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Frohe Weihnachten.

Usually every day is a good day to say thank you to the people who help you. But we have to admit, we’re the kind of guys who are sometimes a bit too busy doing those not too important things, like code and work on non Open Source projects which pay our bills.

So we needed to see that Christmas is coming – and we still haven’t bought nothing for the girls – to take into consideration that maybe today is a good day to say “stop, let’s take a look at the last months” and say “thanks” to the important people: all of you, the whole Textpattern community.

We are really owe and know that this project would not be the same thing without your time and collaboration. All of you – users, forum moderators, translators, user documentation writers, resource and design providers – are all essential for Textpattern.

We’d like to send a very special cuddle to Anne-Mette, mum of Sivert and Sigurd. Have a merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

With the aim to see all of you being successful at every project you undertake during the 2006, our best wishes from the Textpattern development team!


  1. Muchas gracias a ustedes, por haber armado este excelente CMS y mejorarlo en cada nueva versión. Feliz Navidad.

  2. Καλά Χ

  3. Buon Natale

  4. Joyeux Noël, Textpattern!

  5. Feliz Natal à todos do Brasil!!

  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr an alle Textpatterner.


  7. crishtmasna subhashagalu

  8. Norwegian regards to this vigorous community: God jul og godt nyttår

  9. !!חג המולד שמך

  10. Veselé Vánoce a šťastný Nový rok [CZE]

  11. God Jul och Gott nytt år

  12. Mele kalikimaka!

  13. Joyeux Noël à vous tous, et une bonne année, et de joyeuses Pâques, enfin bref la totale quoi.

  14. Gelukkig Kerstfeest (hmm, te laat…) en een heel goed Nieuwjaar voor allemaal!

  15. Šťastné prožití svátků váno

  16. Linksmų Kalėdų ir dar geresnių Naujųjų Metų!

  17. today is Dec. 22th 2007… And i wanna to say: Merry Christmast to all….
    Chúc mừng giáng sinh tất cả mọi người nhé! [My mother tongue: Vietnamese]
    I love all…

  18. frohe weinactem

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