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  1. Besides Rights Permissions, is there any tools or features you thought or wandered about, but did not start coding because you had no time to think them through, imagine how the admin or layout would be, etc. ?

    To see if we can expand the Rights Permissions experiment onto other areas.

    By the way, why here and not on the forums ?

  2. I’m wondering if there are any plans of supporting some sort of 3 level menu? As I see it, it’s hard to accomplish this the way the structure is today?

  3. Any chance of the mystical XML-RPC showing up soon?

  4. why here and not on the forums?

    Is not about technical stuff only, but about things you think we could write on the weblog. As Sencer says, we’re really creativity kings when have to write on weblogs ;-).

    Btw, got the hint about XML-RPC. Truth me: a very big chance and not too away on time ;-)

  5. I know this isn’t a big priority for the dev team but I’m really looking forward to being able to give the admin interface a facelift. Any chance of getting all of the inline CSS (and maybe the tables) out of the admin code soon?

    Thank you sooo much for such a wonderful product!

  6. I would have to agree with John in the fact that XML-RPC should be a part of the default package. When will it show up?

  7. Pedro already answered that, as much as he wants too, haven’t he ?

  8. We’ll be answering the questions in weblog posts. There will be a more detailed explanation in the next few days (as soon as Pedro finds some time) on the next steps with regard to XMLRPC.

    Same goes for the other questions asked here. They are not forgotten, just because you don’t get an immediate answer here. ;)

  9. When do you think there will be an official Textpattern plugins thing going on, if ever?

  10. Will the ancient design of the Textpattern admin interface ever be updated with new CSS, images, and /or styles? And, if so, will there be any enhancements made, such as AJAX, and Javascript?

  11. No offense, but I hope the answer to that one (AJAX, Javascript) is “no”. The idea of removing the interface from code for styling is grand for those who need it for clients, but another system just made a big misstep, methinks, in throwing AJAX in the mix just for show… on some pretty fundamental posting fields.

    On a lighter note, more filters for searching links and articles in admin would be a tremendous help. What position on the priority list might that occupy, if any?

  12. I would like to suggest to add all Feature Requests to the Wiki. It presents a much better overview than having f. requests scattered around.

    I would not mind if someone could increase the size of the message inputfield here :) Thanks.

  13. We’re going to talk about Textpattern facelift here too, (Just give us a bit of time to write something about that), but I think it is not a priority just now.

    Why?, because we’re much more concerned now with new functionalities and design related things could be easily improved near the next release date.

    We’ve got, of course, our minds open to any usability suggestion you want to do in the meanwhile.

    About the size of message input, is this enough? :-).

  14. I don’t think a small ammount of AJAX would hurt. I wasn’t suggesting remaking the entire interface either.

    I was also curious if there is going to be a method of making a static page, in a similar way to creating an article. This would prevent the necessity of going into the presentation tab.

  15. Here’s my question, which I believe deserves a lengthy post and explanation: Why are you guys so amazingly cool? No, seriously… a free, powerful blogging system/CMS; a responsive, involved, and friendly community; and an over-the-top ease of use and commitment to change for the better rather than change for the sake of “neat-o.” I’m beginning to think that there’s something up here.

  16. They are covert operative of the Web 3.0 Crusade. Sponsored by Kibo.

  17. Great xml-rpc post.

    I’d love to see some sort of official status on the state of Textile development. I can never seem to nail down what the “version” is and there seem to be a ton of implementations out there—when you consider ports to other languages, and different versions or maintainers for different products that have adapted it (even parsing differences between the latest textpattern and on the official boards – making bug reports a little odd).

  18. [thanks Kusro for increasing size of inputfield :)!]

    Regarding Textile:

    * is Textile at all a part of the TXP project?

    * Who is taking care for Textile right now?

    * Who developes Textile?

  19. Any intention of letting us ping other services (e.g. technorati) without the use of plugins and/or mods sometime soon?

  20. He!, covert operative of the Web 3.0 Crusade :-)

    Seriously: a responsive, involved, and friendly community is not our merit, but absolutely yours.

    And with all these people giving us help, the easiest thing is change for the better.

    About the AJAX, facelift and so on, I prefer to wait until we’ve got something nice ready to be published. As I’ve previously said, we’re very interested into usability suggestions – with small explanations, if possible – since the main goal remains the same thing – read the front page now – and everything which could provide a richer user experience using Textpattern will be very appreciated.

  21. Any idea when the (spanClass)Span content bug will be fixed?

    (I see it shows up here as well…)

  22. Question: Why no RSS importer or something that allows on to easily move from other packages (not WP, Blogger, MT)

  23. I see all the work on comment spam, how about referrer spam? The wonderful Referrer Karma ( tool for Wordpress practically eliminates the problem, but we on TP have nothing like this. There are only so many variations one can manually add to an htaccess file (mine is 230 lines so far) before its a losing battle of bandwidth. Can the spam plugin process work for these as well? It looked very tied to comment spam

  24. Will anything ever be done with textpattern Keywords? There are a few plugins out there, but they’re all quite hackish, and I’ve never bothered to entirely set one up.

    I’m not saying tag clouds or anything (but hey…). I’ve stopped using categories, and moved entirely over keywords, and would like a way to at least show the n most popular keywords and be able to browse articles by keyword (like categories would be fine, although I’m always for clean URLs).

    And txp has already done itself the service of not calling it tagging.

  25. Sub-Sections would be really great. I like txp very much and use even for non-blogging websites. But it’s a little bit awkward to manage submenues.

  26. I’e got another question for Ask-A-Dev…

    Whats the lifecycle of a Textpattern bug?

    What happens to a bug that gets reported in the forums?

    * Who from the “dev team” reads those reports?

    * When soemthing is deemed a vaild bug where does it go? Does it get entered in trac?

    * Where does discussion of a remedy take place? the public dev list is fairly quiet – is there some secret place devs talk things over?

    * How does a fix, once detected, get patch, tested and scheduled for a release.

  27. When I use txp:category title=“1” link=“1” / with image category, nothing is displayed. Only when i use txp:category title=“0” link=“1” / it´s work. Why? I think that title is much better then raw title.

  28. If there was a prior installation of textpattern using the same database name, the new installation should ask whether to overwrite the database or attempt to import it. As it is, it fails, saying “Textpattern database table already exist. Can’t run setup.”

    Making the user get to a mysql> prompt and delete all the tables in the database kinda sucks.

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