XML-RPC support for Textpattern 4.0.3 is here

If you’re an assiduous reader of this blog, you probably remember that I announced it several months ago. All my comments about the implementation in that post remain valid.

I’d like to thank Priyantha Jayanetti, Zoundry developer, for the help we’ve received on beta testing this implementation. More thanks for the people who said yes when we call for beta testing – there are still some things I’d like to try, so will ask for your collaboration again. We’ve got documentation about how to configure some clients and will be very pleased to include new examples — and screenshots — if you can submit them to us.


  1. I’ve read all the relevant posts on here but… for those of us who don’t know, what the hell is all this about?? :)

  2. The gzip-file ends with bz, which it of course shouldn’t. Just so that you know.

    Thanks for this!

  3. Thank You!

    I found two issues using a combination of MarsEdit and MT (as the software type)

    # An article is not set to the categories you set it to when it’s posted.

    # Comments are not properly set to “open” or “close”.

    Nonetheless, amazing!

  4. Thank you ! One of the few missing features of textpattern is now finally working on my setup. Next thing that needs to be fixed (for me) is the RSS / Atom Feed engine – technorati doesn’t like ‘em for some weird reasons.

    Thanks, and keep on rocking !

  5. This seems great. Are there any for mac programs that let you access custom fields? Im trying out MarsEdit right now, and I can’t seem to find it…

    Thanks for the good work.

  6. So, the very night that I decide to switch over to textpattern, only to find that there’s no XMLRPC support (I know, I should have checked, but my Typo install died a horrible death), I decide to check the blog. Lo and behold, not 30 minutes after I install Textpattern, the add-on gets released!

    Excellent work. Stunningly easy to setup, even for someone who didn’t even know much about what he was doing.


  7. Great news, thanks!

  8. So this will be part of ‘Crockery’ when its released? Regardless, excellent news!

  9. Glad to hear RPC is finally supported—this should make for some interesting plugins. Maybe we can start seeing some real Trackbacks as well…

  10. Great news. I think we should Thank Kusor and donate a couple of USD/Euros!! so we can buy him a book :).

    Find a PAYPAL button on TXP Magazine.
    klick here: XMP-RPC is out!

  11. Don’t forget to check out the possibility to create post with Performancing for Firefox. I have just posted the good news over there: Breaking News: XML-RPC support for Textpattern 4.0.3 is here. Follow the thread and leave comments about your experiences. Performancing.com reaches thousands of interested bloggers!

    Don’t hesitate to leave recommendations for external tools/editors and how they work with the brand new TXP XML-RPC.

    I am very excited about the new XML-RPC and can’t wait to test it with my installation. Thanks!!!

  12. No luck so far with Ecto, and all options tried.
    While the IXR development version worked on my install, I couldn’t get it to work with the download.

    Ecto will respond with the following Error:

    (Error Message, an unknown error occoured, list of entries could not be retrieved.)

    I kept some notes and the Console output, I dropped them through the forum mailer.


    (Response is none)

  13. I was able to make it work with both apps (Ecto and MarsEdit). Just make sure that the Access Point is


    I am having the same issues as mentioned previously:
    No categories for the posts.
    Another issue that I noticed with both apps is when I try to upload an image. I always get the following message:
    “metaWeblog.newMediaObject” not specified.

    Thanks to all the team for you efforts, this is a great start!!!

  14. Hola Pedro,

    I have tried the following applications, both on Mac:

    Ecto 2.4.1 (Trial Version)
    MarsEdit 1.1.2 (Also Trial Version)

    Looking forward for the 4.1 revision!

  15. It’s hard to say, what’s wrong, since my install is modified with lot’s of plugins, version is 2.4.1, on MAC OS 10.4.6.
    It also borked my database, since I ‘m not able to publish anymore.
    May be something with user privelages, I give up for now, since i don’t have really the time to firure out to get it to work.

    regards, marios

  16. Hi :)

    First of all thanks to providing an XMLRPC interface for TextPattern :) I’m currently writing a small commandline script for blogging and while doing so I found a little bug in the output function of the TXP_RPCServer:

    In line 273 of rpc/TXP_RPCServer.php the Content-Type header get’s an invalid type.

    header("Content-Type: text/xml charset=$enc");

    It should be

    header("Content-Type: text/xml; charset=$enc");
  17. Nice work! It looks very promising. After applying the fix mentioned in comment 20 I kinda got it working with the Blogging bundle in the latest TextMate version. The problem is that this bundle doesn’t give me the option to choose between the blogs/sections that I have. It was suggested that something like http://mywebsite.com/rpc/index.php#1 or http://mywebsite.com/rpc/index.php#some-section could do the trick, but alas.

    Is there any way to construct a RPC url that connects to one specific section? Thanks!

  18. I’m also trying to post from Textmate with the Blogging bundle. “http://mywebsite.com/rpc/index.php#some-section” does work, but the post syntax format always defaults to Markdown instead of Textile.

    The Macromate Textpattern Blogging Wiki suggests adding “Format: 1” to the posting template to ensure Textile recognition, though I’m not sure how to do this. Any ideas?

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