A quick update on the plan for four oh four

Thank you to everybody who has stopped by the forum (or comments here) to give us feedback on the release candidate for 4.0.4.

There have been a couple of important bugs spotted, patches (re-)sent to the list, and also several other good suggestions made. Some of the fixes are already in the development branch and will be available in Textpattern CMS 4.0.4, but several others will have to wait until after the release. We would have loved to get those suggestions a few weeks earlier for the dev-snapshots/pre-releases we posted. As it is, the release candidate was intended to catch last minute more or less critical bugs (contrary to what history might have lead you to believe!

Due to some still outstanding issues, we are targetting next Monday/Tuesday for the final release of Textpattern CMS 4.0.4 (give or take a day), if all goes well.

In the meantime, I would ask everybody to leave us a comment about the 2-3 updates/changes between 4.0.3 and the upcoming 4.0.4 (what you’ve seen in the release candidate so far) that you like best, or that affects you the most, or that noticably improves the handling for you.


  1. Sencer I don’t mean to rant, but some of these bug/issues/suggestions covered (or tried to) in the recent commits are two years old (and I’m talking tens and tens of posts about it).

    It’s understandable that you (as in the dev team) forget these (or weren’t around at that time), but to get a clean plate and have a clearier view of the situation, maybe it’s time to start – again – the bugtrack experiment mmmh? :)

  2. Hi Jeremie, while I appreciate your comment and honesty, you are arguing from different premises than I am. When I was talking about late comments, you assume that I am referring to old and known things – I wasn’t. You are saying yourself “some” – exactly right, those are not the ones I was referring to.

    I did not mean to imply (which is what you seemed to have read into it), that 4.0.4 would be bugfree/issue-free, if only people had posted earlier. I only wanted to express my appreciation that so many things were mentioned and that it would have been even better if the same things were posted for the pre-releases instead, and not in response to the RC which has a goal different thatn “name all outstanding bugs”.

    I hope that clarifies what I intended to say and not say. :)

    Yes, a publicly available bugtracker is a thing I want to have, too. We are currently still evaluating a bugtracker software for our own use. In the meantime, mary has been doing a very good job of orgnaizing resolved and unresolved thing on the forum, which is the current way of organizing things publicly. Believe me, if this was a full time job, or days had 48 days instead of measily 24h things would be a lot at better. ;)

  3. Sencer,

    * I appreciate the better use of the space in the Admin UI. Additions like JS collapsing makes a lot of sense, and now that ied_hide_admin works with the 4.04 interface it provides a pseudo permissions set up for the content area.

    * The article layout in the ‘articles’ tab is much more helpful.

    * Searching for files, images, links, and comments is very very helpful.

    * small thing, but the plugin upload feature of new overflow properties is nice.

    * It appears that the new admin interface will be generally more skinnable, which I tend to see as a very good thing.

    There are more, but those come to mind at the moment. Well done.

  4. Personally, I thought the last few days were some of the best I have seen in the whole Textpattern development process. There was cross-communication between developers and non-developers on a scale I hadn’t seen before.

    The biggest change I like thus far is “Create new” on the Write tab. This is much easier than clicking back and forth between tabs. I am sure I will find some others but I am not running it on a production site just yet.

  5. I appreciate all the work … everything seems a bit tighter and more polished. My only complaint is with image and file uploads for articles. Mary’s image and file plugins are arguably the most popular and for good reason … it makes sense to be able to add images and files to an article without having to go to a different tab, build the code/tag, copy it, go back to the article and paste it in. I’m sure I’m underestimating how difficult this may be to integrate, but this ‘feature’ is available on every other CMS package out there and I believe the best minds are here working on TXP … so am I missing something? Am I the only one who thinks this would be an extremely valuable addition?

  6. Of highest importance for me: Textpattern 4.0.4 offers no killer feature. Literally. I can apply 4.0.4 on any website with any Textpattern version ever officially released, and the site will continue to work without hassles. Even all of the frontend plugins I both use and code (plus a majority of the backend plugins) continue to work unaltered.

    I honour the enormous amount of tweaks and polishing which has gone into the backend UI, giving us a consistent and level-featured interface for all content elements. Searching and sorting is a must as sites grow larger and larger, so this will turn into a real time safer for some of the site operators.

    And third, I expect to see benefits from infrastructure improvements such as the support for “304 Not modified” stati and secure sites via the https protocol in the field of “professional”, bandwidth hungry projects.

    All in all it’s time to paraphrase Mark Twain (“Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”): Textpattern is alive and kicking.

  7. Favourites are the changes in the write tab, display details and the possibility to change categories and comments for several articles (in article list).

    Thanks for doin’ this, it’s highly appreciated.

  8. I love the new Widont functionality, adding the non-breaking space between the last and second-to-last words of a title. From what I hear, Textile will also be better handled in comments – very cool.

  9. Top of the list, the “manage” link for comment handling, from there dom_attach is the most fun and id enabling with dowrap and dotag holds a lot potential for new and interesting variations.
    Thanks for all the work, it has been continous.

  10. Anyone want to join me in #textpattern. We can have a satellite launch party!

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