Help us test the release candidate for the upcoming 4.0.6 release

The final, official 4.0.6 release is scheduled for next week, unless unexpected problems or errors arise.

We’re looking for people who like to help us make sure that we didn’t miss any regressions or introduce new bugs. We would like to get feedback on clean installations and updates from older versions.

Make sure that if you use this release candidate, you also update to the final 4.0.6 version when it is released.


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Post your feedback in the forum thread.


The included HISTORY.txt file already lists most of the important changes since 4.0.5. If we missed something, let us know. This download advertises itself as 4.0.5 (r278x) in diagnostics, because we haven’t yet bumped the version number.


  1. I like to test TXP 4.0.6…

  2. I’ve read somewhere that you’re working on a complete back-end redesign? Is that correct – and if yes – when will it be released?

  3. Lasse, as far as I know a backend redesign is under development in the Crockery branch which still has a long way to go before it’ll be ready to release.

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