Jon Hicks ponders on Expression Engine vs Textpattern

Jon Hicks, renowned connoisseur of cheese and creator of fine visuals, shares his thoughts on content management systems and weighs the pros and cons of Expression Engine vs Textpattern.

The upshot is, that for a lot of client sites, EE is wonderful (if you can put up with the admin side) –- especially sites that need members, forums and all that jazz. The thing is, if a site doesn’t need those things, it’s less pain and more pleasure to use Textpattern.

If you happen to crave for the details which cause this summary verdict, hop over to Jon’s journal.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. Not to mention the fact that txp is open source…

    Very rarely have the resources not been available with txp to complete the task I needed to do with relative ease.

  2. Is there a way to do memberships in TP? Let’s say I want to create a dynamic PHP application and I don’t want to waste coding time developing membership code. So if I have a free area, and a paid area for basic and an advanced users…can this be handled with a plugin? Which one?

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