Spoilt for CMS choice

Mike from Capsize Designs shares his experiences from choosing a content management system for their most recent project.

Capsize Designs chose Textpattern CMS from a short-list containing Drupal, ExpressionEngine, SilverStripe, Textpattern, and WordPress — and this is why:

It (Textpattern) had the simplicity we wanted, the templating engine of ExpressionEngine (basically), the CMS tools we needed, the flexibility everyone wants, it was perfect. And unlike SilverStripe, it worked!

BTW: Has CamelCasing ProductNames been “The New Black” of the pre-2000 era?


  1. Thanks for the mention :).

  2. I tested TXp today -> Good job! Finally something made for web designers…

  3. This is great – I’ve been looking for a comparison like that for a long time and it’s nice to find a site that has the guts to put all those products in one lineup!

  4. EE is great but TXP is TXP

    elegant, flexible, solid…

  5. Doesn’t camelCase have to start with a lowercase letter?



  6. Yep, Craig is correct.

    camelCasingLooksLikeThis (firstLetterOfSecondWordCapitalized)


    PascalCasingLooksLikeThis (FirstLetterOfFirstWordCapitalized)

  7. There’s no such thing as just plain old camel case. There’s UpperCamelCase (aka StudlyCaps) and lowerCamelCase. For some reason, lowerCamelCase has become just camelCase but that’s incorrect. Check wikipedia.

  8. “…that’s incorrect. Check wikipedia.”


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