Textpattern CMS 4.0.7 released

We are happy to announce that Textpattern CMS 4.0.7 is finally ready for public consumption.

During long and – sometimes – laborious months since the last release in February, we added new features and enhanced existing capabilities, but nevertheless we expect upgrades from any previous version to be seamless and smooth. As usual, the download package contains a README.txt file which outlines the simple upgrade procedure.


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Changes are numerous, so let’s focus on a few highlights here…


  • Unlimited nested template tags, and tags as attributes to other tags have made it into the Textpattern core as part of the new tag parser
  • Many of the list-producing tags like <txp:section_list>, <txp:article>, or <txp:recent_comments> accept a form or use any contained markup as a stencil for their output
  • More consistent layout across many admin side pages
  • As some plugins depend on the sequence of their execution with respect to all other plugins, plugin authors and site administrators can assign a load order to determine which plugins run first

New features

  • WYSIWYG preview for all articles, even those in ‘draft’ or ‘hidden’ state
  • Textpattern CMS 4.0.7 comes with an XML-RPC server out of the box, which replaces the separate download needed previously – there’s a bunch of desktop blogging client software which use this as a socket to tap into the Textpattern backend
  • Articles can be tagged with an optional expiry timestamp, so they’d either vanish from the public site completely, or transform their appearance once a future date has passed by
  • The communication channel from Textpattern to the database server can employ optional SSL encryption

Oh, and there were some bug fixes, too

A bulleted list in HISTORY.txt has the definite record of all noteworthy changes, so we refrain from repeating every single item here. Join the discussion at the forum. Many thanks to all who contributed one way or the other!


  1. Wonderful work everyone! I am excited to see what more is to come with 4.0.8, and 4.1.

  2. Many thanks to all the wonderful people working behind this project, both the official devs, and the plugin developers, and of course, the people that is always willing to help at forum!

  3. Congratulations for the titanic effort and many, many thanks to our awesome dev team! :)

  4. Splendid work everyone! It was a pleasure to see a lot of improvements take shape (specially “expire”) in the svn and now the release is here. Have to follow all those things carefully.
    Thanks a lot for all your effort and care!

  5. Thanks so much for your work! It is clear why this system is so close to the hearts of many.

  6. Nice. Thanks for the hard work!

  7. I’d been researching csm software for a while and had decided to try txp. ‘Wait till the next release’ I read. Having done so, I look forward to learning txp from not only from the devs, but the community here as well. Well done sirs.

  8. Nice work team :)

  9. Thank you

  10. I am so pleased – great work!

  11. Thanks for this great tool!

  12. Well done guys, thank you!

  13. I’ve been waiting to change my website over to Textpattern, from the other CMS I hated having to hack it and the consent updates every other month. The forum is the best to understand Textpattern everybody is every helpful. Keep up the good work.

  14. Congratulations for TXP Developer… Wish you all the best…

  15. Better than Christmas!

  16. A very good news : before the official WP 2.7 launch!

    Thanks lot for all your very good work.

  17. Wonderful! Thanks a lot away for download

  18. Thank you!
    Was waiting for it!

  19. Apart from an improved product, I love txp releases because they don’t occur frequently :)

  20. Great, as usual. Thanks to all who worked on it!

  21. Thanks!! :)

  22. Many many thanks to the devs, the new parser makes me sing and shout. Please keep the machinery going, txp is fabulous!

  23. Long live yo the devs… You are my heroes…
    Emphasing a little bit here but I can truly say two simple things:
    Bravo & Thank you very much.

  24. Great! Thank you for the lovely work!

  25. Thanks, once again.

  26. Thanks for your commitment!

  27. So excited about this good news! Thanks for your hard work!

  28. Chuffed.

  29. wow! great works!
    I wait it for lang time,Happying!!!

  30. Amazing! The commitment shown by the dev team and plugin authors just blows me away!

  31. Great work guys – I’ll be grinding 4.0.7 towards another McFarlane Prize contender or two for 2009!

  32. Wow! Great job devs!

  33. Very cool! Thanks for all the hard work!

  34. cool~

  35. one small problem.
    wonder why, on my host,
    lynx can not download the file. it’s always result in bad downloads.

  36. Great!

  37. Great work devs! Always impressed by how much has been improved in what appears on the surface to be only a minor upgrade. The new tag parser is a fantastic improvement to the core.

  38. i can just say thank you!

  39. Rockstars!

  40. Really really really thanks!!!

  41. Lovely, splendid. Like an early Christmas present for many fans of this CMS.

  42. Awesome release! I love the parser enhancements.

  43. Kudos guys!

  44. i wanna know is there a changelog?

  45. Way to go guys… I’m really surprised you didn’t call it TP 5.0 with all these changes. I am starting to see the future of T/P even better than before.

  46. Very awesome.

    Update for the repository homepage:

    Latest stable release:

    svn checkout http://textpattern.googlecode.com/svn/releases/ 4.0.7 /source stable

    Thank you again for all your work!

  47. Fabulous!

  48. Let me add my congratulations. Nice one guys and well done to everyone involved with this large release.

  49. Bravo… et merci !

  50. Awesome job, guys! Loving the new tag parser.

  51. Congratulations to all. By miles the best CMS out there. Kudos!

  52. Very nice work!!! Good luck for all!

  53. Thank you so much. I’ve been using Textpattern since its earliest days, and appreciate your work on keeping it evolving.

  54. Thanks lot for all your very good work.

  55. Very excited to see this release out. Looking forward to giving it a run. There’s not been a project I’ve done in the last few years that Textpattern hasn’t delivered for. Congrats on 4.0.7.

  56. Thanks for the work!

  57. Awesome work, thanks!

  58. Thank you for the great work on offer.
    Very much appreciated.

  59. Great work!!!

    I love TXP!

  60. Brilliant work, all the more reason to stick with Textpattern!

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