Jukka 'Gocom' Svahn joins the Textpattern team

With great pleasure we may announce the latest addition to our team: Jukka ‘Gocom’ Svahn joins the Textpattern core developer team.

Jukka has been an avid volunteer contributor of bug fixes and new features during the development of the latest releases, develops a Textpattern staple with his ‘rah’ series of Textpattern plugins, and has attended the Textpattern community for quite literally years.

He’s on a mission to…

…upgrade the existing code base, make it consistent up to the styling, document it and make the core tools useable by 3rd-parties.

Tervetuloa Jukka!


  1. That’s are really great news.

    I saw Jukka’s API repo on GitHub before and was really enjoyed.

  2. Congrat jukka, really happy for the textpattern project to have that talented person joined the team

  3. Jukka is a real asset to the project, he’ll polish the code until it sparkles. So I’m very happy about this.

  4. Good move :-)

  5. Unexpected but totally excellent news! Really glad to see see Jukka on-board! Have long considered his plugins essential to every Textpattern project.

  6. Congrats Jukka!

  7. Welcome at board! Really nice plugins!

  8. Thumbs up!

  9. Great news!

  10. Excellent, it quite made my day when I read this.

  11. That’s great news. Feels like he had already been there.

  12. Congrats to both Jukka and Textpattern! ?

  13. Yeah!!! That’s really a wonderful and totally unespected news! Congrats Jukka!!!

  14. These are great news.

    For those wanting to know him a little more, here is a (bit old) interview to Gocom on TXPQ.

    Tervetuloa Jukka! (whatever that means ?)

  15. Great news all round!

  16. CONGRATS Jukka!!! Totally awesome news for the best CMS around and its community. And it only getting better. Sweet!!!!! – grateful user

  17. Fantastic news!

  18. About time too ? Good on you, Jukka!

  19. Nice move :-)

  20. Terrific! Absolutely deserved, and the right choice!

    Jukka, have fun! ?

  21. Great!!
    This will be another big step for the Textpattern CMS. Jukka is well known as a very active supporter in the forum and as the author of excellent plugins.

    I’m really excited!

  22. Congrats Jukka!

  23. Wow, this is nice to hear and also an expected news as Jukka has contributed so much to TXP over the years. He’s one dude who for sure has deep understanding on how Textpattern works. :-)

  24. Hei, hienoa Jukka! =) great success comes from the heart.

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