Jérémie is asking:

Besides Rights&Permissions, is there any tools or features you thought or wandered about, but did not start coding because you had no time to think them through, imagine how the admin or layout would be, etc.? To see if we can expand the Rights&Permissions experiment unto other areas.

The Rights and Permissions Workgroup, for those who are not following the forum closely, is a self-organizing group of Textpattern enthusiasts that has got together to work out the challenge of giving Textpattern CMS a better permission system. It was formed in response to the Assignment: section permission design. We have posted several such assignments for users/enthusiasts and welcome input on those issues. You can find more by searching for assignment in the ‘Feature request’ forum.

How people organize their contributions is entirely up to them. Work-groups can incur quite a bit of overhead with respect to managing communications and then aggregating all discussions into some form of ‘result’ that we can work with. In some cases it may well be worth the effort, in other cases it might be much easier to spend the available time on the problem. Usually smaller increments are better for the people working on them, and for us to be able to incoorporate those ideas. The more complex the topics and results, the costlier it is for everyone involved, and the more people may be disappointed when we can’t dedicate the necessary time for it, because of other priorities.

A few more words on the Rights and Permissions Workgroup

I’ve skimmed some posts in the thread, and I have to appreciate the amount of time people are willing to spend in drafting things out and debating ideas. It’s great to see this interest combined with a huge dose of diligence.

Independent of what may finally come off from this effort, I have to say: “Thank you very much to the people involved!”. If I am reading the first post right it’s Matthew, Alexandra, Jeremie, Saccade and Neutrino. I hope I didn’t forget anyone!

The tidbits I looked at looked fairly complex — maybe even too much for Textpattern — but as I understand it, the whole terrain is first being explored, to be able to make better informed decisions and to finally settle on something which fits with the overall aims and goals of textpattern. I am looking forward to the results!