Textpattern CMS has been selected as one of 60 open source projects in the pilot round of a match funding scheme offered by FundOSS.

FundOSS have raised a $75,000 matching fund. Support us and they’ll back you up by multiplying your kind donation based on how much support we receive before the deadline on June 24, 2021. If you’ve ever considered supporting us financially then today’s the day to put that thought in action. The match funding pool will be allocated primarily on the frequency rather than the volume of support for Textpattern, so please consider donating an amount – however small – before June 24th so our project, users and community can all benefit from this incredible opportunity.

Details of how to donate can be found on the Textpattern FundOSS page. We’ve already had some very generous sponsors and the devs have chipped in too, so thank you very much to everyone who has contributed so far. Any and all noise you can make on your social and web channels to support this drive will be a huge win for the project. Being in such a small pool of projects in a campaign like this is a fantastic opportunity and will provide valuable exposure for our CMS.

At the time of writing, a $5 donation attracts an estimated $43 match from FundOSS – over 7 times the original pledge value. Matching for larger donations is also currently available, but the pilot piggy bank is finite so time is of the essence.

The multipliers are changing as more people get involved. Over $16,000 of the fund has been allotted already in just the first day of the campaign, so please don’t delay. Even a small contribution will be amplified and make a tangible difference to the way we can promote, support and continue to evolve Textpattern to help you build engaging websites for your clients and communities.

Thank you for your interest in Textpattern, and for your considerations in supporting us.