What’s new?

Besides plenty of bugfixes, there are several improvements to how textile handles non-ASCII characters. Most of the improvements have gone into handling comments. Comments can now be differently markes as being unmoderated or spam (both being ‘invisible’, but presented differently in the comment-list in the backend).

Multi-Editing in the comment-list has also improved, meaning you can now operate (ban, mark spam/visible/unmoderated) on multiple comments at once. Email notifications contain a link to the edit screen of the comment (if the author has the necessary privileges).

Handling of previews and missing fields has improved: Missing fields lead to a reload of the preview screen, and lets you place the error-message via the new <txp:comments_error /> tag in your comments_form (takes break, wraptag and class as attributes), and it’s fellow <txp:if_comments_error />. That error message and the faulty input fields can now also be styled via CSS (the form-fields will have a class of “comment_error”). So en example for the CSS would be…

.comments_error {
  background-color: #ffa;

div.comments_error {
  padding: 0.3em;
  border: 1px solid #cc8;

Note: the default wraptag for <txp:comments_error /> is div.

So, watch this space for information on when the new release will be available!