Textpattern CMS was chosen by FundOSS as one of around sixty open source projects in the run up to their pilot program to match and amplify donations. The selected projects included a wide variety of open source software, including group chat, media production, marketing automation, and other content management systems.

The mission was clear: turn Textpattern supporter donations into a significantly greater amount by way of a $75,000 match funding piggy bank provided by Sustain OSS, GitCoin, Synthetix and others. The equation used to top-up donations favoured smaller donation amounts; $5 in the tip jar turned into nearly $50, a massive uplift from the original pledge.

After 14 days of jar-rattling, attention-grabbing appeals for a few coins – and ultimately the generosity of those donors plus the piggy bank – over $3,500 was raised and contributed to Textpattern on Open Collective.

We are immensely grateful, humbled and appreciative of this incredible amount. We operate a transparent budget for our project, the details of which can be found at the Open Collective above, and you can be assured that we will extract every last iota of value from your contributions. We are continuing to further improve Textpattern and make it as good as it can be, and these funds will help us hugely.

Thank you FundOSS, your pilot program funding partners, and each of the 52 Textpattern supporters. You are amazing.