From Feb 25 2019 23:41 GMT to Mar 13 2019 10:58 GMT, stale checksums were listed at for Textpattern 4.7.3. During this time, the listed checksums at that URL corresponded to the previous patch release: Textpattern 4.7.2. The checksums were updated and are correct as of Mar 13 2019 10:58 GMT.

We received a report of the checksum issue, an investigation was opened, the cause was found and swifty resolved. The cause of the mismatch was human oversight, and the Textpattern release process documents have been clarified to avoid this happening in future. We’re grateful to Owen for the report.

Textpattern is made available as a .zip or .tar.gz archive, and each archive has a checksum associated for localised integrity checking of the download. These checksums are typically listed on the respective announcement blog post, the GitHub release and The Textpattern 4.7.3 release announcement and the Textpattern 4.7.3 GitHub release have correct checksums from initial publication and are unaffected.