If you follow Textpattern CMS on Twitter, you might have noticed that the latest development version supports admin-side theming.

We intend to distribute one (1) user-contributed admin-side theme with the next release, and are now on the lookout for the most attractive candidate. The winning admin-side theme will subsequently be distributed as an integral part of Textpattern CMS with every single download.

We would prefer the community to drive this hunt, starting from the presentation of the participants up to the (more or less) democratic election of the winning theme.

What you would have to do

  1. Draft the rules
  2. Collect the candidates
  3. Devise a showroom (might be a plain Flickr group or a fully dedicated site, it’s up to you)
  4. Show us the winner, stemming from some kind of a community vote

Do you wants to take the stake of managing the selection campaign? Contribute here!