It was a rather long pregnancy for Kusor and his XML-RPC baby… but eventually he gave birth to it last night.

And this gives me the perfect option to talk a little about the team behind the scenes. Yeah, I’ve been coding the XML-RPC implementation, but that isn’t the most valuable work.

Allow me to explain myself: I’m a programmer, and I’ve been doing what I like more: coding. In the meanwhile, my fellow team-members have been doing all that essential stuff which is required for the evolution of Textpattern CMS: read/answer forums, fix bugs, write docs and, specially, trying to find a way for all of us to conciliate our daily Textpattern dedication with our needs to pay all those invoices every month (which, by the way, seems to be not too easy, because of our dedication to keep Textpattern updated and Open Source).

I’m lucky to be part of this team. And I know — due to my own experience — that this means to sacrifice free time, to sleep less hours and a whole new set of responsibilities to add to your daily ones. And all my teammates here do that daily.

What I’m trying to say? Simply that XML-RPC is only another piece of the Textpattern puzzle, and I feel not too good being exposed as the protagonist of this. We are a team — a good one, I think — and, while I really appreciate the XML-RPC welcome, we have more things to offer and we are completely decided to make Textpattern better.