Updates should be seamless and are recommended as soon as possible. Most of the changes relate to handling comments (see full changelog below) and we now have a very easy way available for plugin developers to write anti-spam plugins. As a first plugin for production use, here is a Captcha-plugin. More plugins will become available in the following weeks.

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Changes since 4.0.2

  • Fixed 2 potential security holes (detected in internal code review) – update is recommended
  • Textile i18n improvements
  • Added a bulk ban function for comments
  • Automatically hide comments when banning an IP
  • Fixed comments page_by
  • Fixed double translated linebreaks in comments.
  • Fixed nofollow in comments
  • Fixed preview without textile in certain edge cases
  • Separated hidden comments into unmoderated and spam (reload your admin-side stylesheet if you can’t see a difference)
  • Added bulk changing of comment status (visible, moderated, spam)
  • Better error-handling in comments form when critical fields are missing
  • New tags: <txp:comments_error /> and conditional <txp:if_comments_error>
  • Style-able error message and form elements via CSS (class="comments_warn").
  • Plugin authors: Added callbacks for future spam-plugins
  • Plugin authors: Added getComment() and comment_evaluator for future spam plugins
  • Plugin authors: Allows (optionally, transparently) for installing compressed plugins.
  • Plugin authors: Added window events using addEvent, to allow multiple events loading at window.onload, useful for admin side plugins
  • Improved MySQL 5 compatibility
  • Added comment edit link to notification emails
  • Made comment time format customizable in tag (mary)
  • Added offset attribute to <txp:file_download_list /> (mary)
  • Made older, newer and link_to_home work more consistently with other nav tags (mary)
  • Fixed mailto: links
  • Fixed tag trace output for enclosing tags
  • Updated comment count after import
  • Added extra info to the tag trace (SQL queries, conditional tag results, page template and form names)