Updates are are strongly recommended and should be seamless for the vast majority of people, otherwise make sure that all plugins are also updated to their most recent version.


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Some of the more notable news

  • Fixes several security issues, one critical
  • Many subtle improvements to the admin UI
  • Lots of Textile improvements and fixes
  • Many improvements to admin interface HTML markup and CSS
  • Simplified and improved comment preview and input form tags
  • Improved error reporting and diagnostics that help tracking down problems easier and faster
  • RSS/Atom fixes and improvements (including RSS 2.0 support)
  • Automatic support of SSL

Further changes

  • Add nowidow attribute to article tags
  • Adapt navigation elements to the user’s permissions
  • Fixed sending Last-Modified header
  • Better indexing for faster article list queries
  • Update to tagbuilders
  • Show (source of) plugin help before installation
  • Improvements in translations (and translatables) (thanks Skubidu and others)
  • New translations: Indonesian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian
  • Improved handling of comma-separated values in tag attributes
  • article, article_custom tags: new sort attribute
  • New conditional if_article_id
  • author, category, category1, category2 tags: can link to any section by name
  • Improved HTML attributes on many tags (class, rel)
  • Time and date tags: new attributes for overriding language, GMT
  • css, feed_link tags: easier generation of HTML ‘link’ tags
  • New link tags: link_category, link_date, link_name, link_url
  • Navigation tag improvements (new attributes, improved HTML output)
  • Warn if article or comment tags are used in the wrong context
  • Stricter 404 checking (missing category, author, messy article ID)
  • Simplify and improve comment preview and input form tags
  • Improved article load/parse logic on individual article pages
  • Workaround some rare FCGI problems with HTTP headers
  • Fix some IIS clean URL issues
  • Improved multi-edit support on admin pages
  • Deprecate old-style PHP tags
  • Don’t lose your place in admin lists when returning from an edit
  • Extra diagnostic info and pre-flight tests
  • Better time zone handling
  • Remember and automatically reuse thumbnail size settings
  • Textile: fix inline class/style/lang
  • Warn when article and comment tags are used in the wrong place
  • New if_plugin conditional checks for an active plugin, with optional version number
  • Fix an occasional time zone bug
  • Fix 404 errors on clean category URLs
  • Add backtrace list to error messages in Debug mode
  • Added limit attribute to search_result_excerpt tag
  • Add escape and default attributes to custom_field tag
  • Fix image-upload for outdated gdlib-installations (wet)
  • Fix label attribute breadcrumb function (richard)
  • Added if_author, if_article_author (with attribute name)
  • Allow multiple sections for if_article_section (like for if_section, if_category)
  • Display link category’s title, rather than name, in the links page.
  • Extend article_image tag to optionally display the article image thumbnail.
  • Many minor bugfixes

Further reading

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