Textpattern 4.0.8 is a maintenance release fixing some bugs and ironing out a few glitches which sneaked in during the introduction of new features in our previous release.


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Changes in this release

  • Fixed: Current section/category is overwritten in <txp:section_list> and <txp:category_list> (container or form mode)
  • Fixed: Registration and notification mails are not sent in PHP ‘safe’ mode
  • Fixed: Error message upon article save from MySQL 5 in ‘strict’ mode
  • Fixed: Timeout during clean URL test causes WSOD in diagnostics tab
  • Partly fixed: Search result excerpt breaks HTML entities
  • Changed tag: <txp:if_section> without a name attribute is now TRUE on a section page (old behaviour is preserved on upgrades)
  • Changed tag: <txp:if_category name=""> is now FALSE on a category page (old behaviour is preserved on upgrades)
  • Changed tag: <txp:link_url /> escapes its output
  • Changed tag: <txp:file_download_list /> uses wraptag, break, and label attributes consistently like other tags
  • Speed: faster plugin loading from the database
  • Diagnostics tab: ignore line endings when checking for modified files and show full paths
  • Pages tab: allow default page to be deleted if not used by a section
  • Developer: Fall back to standard page/permlink behaviour if custom_url_func() returns FALSE
  • Developer: set_pref() accepts an optional position parameter
  • plus a few enhancements and refinements

Updating from preceding versions should work smoothly and frictionless in all cases by adhering to the detailed update instructions as outlined in the README.txt file.

Join the discussion at the forum. Many thanks to all who helped building this release or expressed their appreciation of this project by donating!