We’ve added new features like admin-side themes, timezone support with automatic DST adjustment on capable servers, and core support for unlimited custom fields, readied Textpattern for compatibility with PHP 5.3, and fixed a number of small bugs. Upgrades from previous 4.x versions are expected to work seamless under usual reserve of plugin compatibility.


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Changes in this release

  • Feature: Extendable admin-side themes. ‘Classic’ and ‘Remora’ theme contained in the core package.
  • Feature: Capability for multi-site file system layouts (thanks: Sam Weiss).
  • Feature: Role-based permission checks for images, links and files.
  • Feature: Save various pane toggle states.
  • Feature: Store author of links and files.
  • Feature: Automatic adjustment for DST (requires PHP 5.2+, fall back to manual adjustment for servers running older PHPs).
  • Feature: Timezone selector in preferences (requires PHP 5.2+, GMT-based selector as a fallback).
  • Feature: Default event preference setting (thanks: Mary).
  • Fixed: PHP 5.3 compatibility (thanks: Mary).
  • Fixed: When a user is deleted, reassign her assets.
  • Fixed: Tag builders for <txp:category /> and <txp:section />.
  • Fixed: Bogus “Article tags cannot be used outside an article context” warning in <txp:else />-branch of <txp:if_keywords>.
  • Fixed: Removed superflous &amp; encoding for article titles in <txp:recent_comments />.
  • Fixed: <txp:expires> uses class and wraptag attributes as intended.
  • New tag: <txp:link_id /> (thanks: Rick Silletti).
  • New tag: <txp:yield />.
  • Changed: Article timestamp is left untouched for draft, pending, or hidden articles published into the future.
  • Changed: <txp:file_download_list /> tag accepts a comma-separated list of file ids in a new id attribute (thanks: Rick Silletti).
  • Developer: pluggable_ui() serves as a base for custom admin-side user interface panels, see new *_ui events below.
  • Developer: New events log_it, plugin_lifecycle, plugin_prefs, txp_die, article_ui, author_ui, category_ui, file_ui, image_ui, link_ui, prefs_ui, section_ui.
  • Developer: Per-user preferences.
  • Developer: Increased maximum plugin code size to MEDIUMTEXT (16 MiB).
  • Developer: Increased maximum preferences value size to TEXT (64 KiB).
  • Developer: Core support for unlimited custom fields (thanks: Gerhard Lazu).
  • Developer: Thumbnail dimensions are stored in the image table.
  • Developer: Sending requests to the admin-side with URL parameter app_mode set to async suppress any default admin-side output. Think Ajax.
  • Developer: Cached plugins are loaded in natural sort order.
  • Developer: Deprecated cleanfInput(), escape_output(), escape_tags(), getAtt(), gAtt(), and input() functions. These will be removed in next release.
  • Developer: Plugins can flag their interest in lifecycle events (install, uninstall, activate, deactivate). See https://github.com/textpattern/textpattern-plugin-template.
  • Developer: Optional capability to jump to a plugin’s options from the plugin tab. See https://github.com/textpattern/textpattern-plugin-template.
  • jQuery 1.3.2.

Join the discussion at the forum. Many thanks to all who helped building this release or expressed their appreciation of this project by donating!