The first release candidate of Textpattern 4.3.0 is ready for boarding. Please make your way to the departure lounge and download a copy. Report any unexpected baggage at the forum to help us build a high-quality final release. Safety information can be found in the seat pocket in front of you.

Have a pleasant trip.


  • Happy retirement to The Carver: new logo courtesy of Philipp Schilling (aka belipe).
  • Optional image constant ihu for serving static images.
  • Textpacks for distributing localised strings.
  • Improved search ability with search modes ‘any’ or ‘all’.
  • New image tags: <txp:image_list>, <txp:image_info />, <txp:image_url />, <txp:image_date />, <txp:if_thumbnail />, <txp:image_author />.
  • New tags: <txp:link_author />, <txp:file_download_author />.
  • <txp:if_custom_field /> pimped to allow any/all/regex matches.
  • <txp:image /> and <txp:article_image /> now accept width/height attributes.
  • File titles.
  • Content type upgrade: URL-style /category and /author lists now possible for all of Textpattern’s native types. Corresponding conditional tags upgraded too.
  • New callbacks on the Images tab and more consistent API for shielding plugin authors from DB changes: article_format_info() and link_format_info().
  • New optional Start tab for dashboard plugins.
  • No more ‘friendly’ stylesheet editor. Stylesheets no longer BASE64-encoded in the database.
  • Textile 2.2: support for notelists, definition lists, thead, tbody, table summary/caption, colgroups, new glyphs for fractions, plusminus and degrees symbol, plus performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Seemingly over-the-top “semantic admin-side markup changes. Will be thinned in due course; please consult the forthcoming guidelines for maximising plugin and theme compatibility in future Textpattern versions.
  • Inconsistent tag attributes renamed to conform.
  • Author/meta tags can display real name or login name.
  • Transparent pixels preserved in PNG/GIF thumbnails.
  • Faster logins.

Refer to the HISTORY.txt file for a comprehensive list of changes in 4.3.0.

Make sure that if you use this release candidate, you also update to the final 4.2.0 version when it is released.


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Post your feedback in the forum thread.

The download advertises itself as 4.2.0 in the Diagnostics panel, because we haven’t yet bumped the version number. Also, some of the admin-side strings are still not defined. These will be updated sometime before the final 4.3.0.