Anyone who fancies nipping along to Portishead, near Bristol this coming weekend, Saturday 10th October 2015, is welcome to join us. A few of us are staying over at the Premier Inn just off the A369 and I (Bloke) will be there at some point Friday evening as long as the traffic plays ball. So if anyone fancies a cheeky pint on Friday in the adjacent pub, you know where I’ll be. Details are available in the forum thread. Phil will be there too, and you really shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet two core devs and other long-standing community awesomers such as Pete ‘gaekwad’ Cooper face to face. Please come along if you can.

Additionally, on the same day, is a meeting in the sunny US of A. Just outside Raleigh, North Carolina to be precise. Again, anyone in the area or passing through is welcome. Make some noise in Towndock’s direction if you plan to hop along and he’ll furnish the details.

The plan is that the two countries will hook up via Skype at some point. Anyone who’s not attending the live meetings is more than welcome to give us a call via Skype at any time on Saturday. Just call mrbloke and, assuming we have Wi-Fi and enough power, we’d love to put some faces to the usernames (if that fails for any reason, we’ll put out a bat signal with alternative credentials).

You could use the opportunity to ask why I’m such a massive slacker and why my plugins aren’t updated more frequently. Or when is ready for relaunch. Or put the digital world to rights. Or use it as an excuse to flag your concerns over your favourite pet feature that you think should become part of core. You never know, it could get added to the next version of Textpattern live on air! Patch requests submitted during the meet will get priority attention…

Please join in the fun and raise a physical or virtual pint of your favourite beverage to Textpattern CMS and all the people around the world who believe in it.

See you there!