This goes partly hand-in-hand with the changes to the plugin installation some of you have no doubt observed in the dev branch. We encourage everyone to use the new template and the compiler. But don’t worry, it’s compatible both ways.

The main change in the plugin installation is that we display the source HTML code of the help, to make it easier for users to review it in the same way the PHP code can be reviewed. However in many cases help doesn’t need to contain HTML, because Textile is enough. Therefore the new plugin-compiler will additionally save the raw (i.e. unTextiled) help in the plugin. And unless the new option $plugin['allow_html_help'] is used, all HTML will be escaped when the new plugin-compiler is used. The benefit of not having HTML in the help, is that:

  1. We can render the help on plugin-preview (there’s no HTML to review)
  2. It’s easier to add tag examples in help

The modified plugin-compiler, the plugin-template and the example-plugin have moved into repositories.