Monday 06 July 2015 by Pete Cooper

Textpattern 4.6 is coming. It’s time for us to focus on language support and ensure translations are as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

I use Textpattern CMS in British English. Occasionally, I remember that Textpattern is localised to 44 languages:

Language Localised Code
Arabic (Algerian) جزائري عربي ar-dz
Bulgarian Български bg-bg
Bosnian Bosanski bs-ba
Catalan Català ca-es
Czech Čeština cs-cz
Danish Dansk da-dk
German Deutsch de-de
Greek Ελληνικά el-gr
English (Great Britain) British English en-gb
English (United States) American English en-us
Spanish Español es-es
Estonian Eesti et-ee
Persian (Farsi) پارسی fa-ir
Finnish Suomi fi-fi
French Français fr-fr
Galician Galego gl-es
Hebrew עברית he-il
Croatian Hrvatski hr-hr
Hungarian Magyar hu-hu
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia id-id
Icelandic Íslenska is-is
Italian Italiano it-it
Japanese 日本語 ja-jp
Korean 한국말 (대한민국) ko-kr
Lithuanian Lietuvių lt-lt
Latvian Latviešu lv-lv
Norwegian Norsk nb-no
Dutch Nederlands nl-nl
Polish Polski pl-pl
Portugese (Brazilian) Português (Brasil) pt-br
Portugese (Portugal) Português (Portugal) pt-pt
Romanian Română ro-ro
Russian Русский ru-ru
Slovak Slovenčina sk-sk
Serbian Srpski sr-rs
Serbian (Cyrillic) Српски sr-sp
Swedish Svenska sv-se
Thai ไทย th-th
Turkish Türkçe tr-tr
Ukrainian Українська uk-ua
Urdu اردو ur-in
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam) vi-vn
Chinese (Simplified) 中文(简体) zh-cn
Chinese (Traditional) 中文(繁體) zh-tw

Each of these languages is represented by a list of text strings, translated from Textpattern shorthand to user-friendly equivalent words. These lists of text strings are known as Textpacks, and they are maintained by volunteers from the Textpattern user community.

The Textpattern user community needs your help to improve and enhance the Textpacks as part of the upcoming Textpattern 4.6 release. Depending on your language skills, abilities and resources there are many ways to help out:

Level 0 – If you read and write one language fluently from the above list, we need your skills to check the current spelling, grammar and structure in one or more Textpacks.

Level 1 – If you are fluent at Level 0 and have a good understanding of written British English, we need you to check the accuracy of your language Textpack and translate missing, untranslated strings.

Level 2 – If Level 1 isn’t a big enough challenge for you, sign up to be a Textpack Ambassador and be part of the team that handles new translation strings as Textpattern gains new features.

Level 3 – If you are fluent in a language that is not listed above and you are willing to spend time translating approximately 1200 language strings into that language, you will be increasing Textpattern’s worldwide reach into new territories.

Every level of commitment will help thousands of people, and your assistance will be valuable.

Below are some numbers relating to the Textpacks translation status (accurate at time of publication, and subject to change):

  • Language strings: 1173
  • Language packs: 44
  • Total language strings: 51612
  • Translated strings: 46388
  • Untranslated strings: 5224
  • Current completion: 89.87%

95% completion is the current target for the release of Textpattern 4.6. This means at least 49032 translated strings, or fewer than 2580 untranslated strings.

80% of Textpacks should have one or more Ambassadors by the time Textpattern 4.6 is released. This means at least 36 Textpacks should have one or more translators assigned for ongoing translation.

I have created two tables. The first table lists the Textpack and how many strings are not currently translated. The second table lists the Textpack and who is assigned for translation. Both tables are located on the Textpattern Support forum.

If you want to join the team to improve an existing language Textpack or translate Textpattern CMS into another language, please introduce yourself and explain how you want to be involved:

  • leave a comment in the forum thread
  • or email me

When the team is formed, we will decide the most appropriate way to co-ordinate ongoing work to translate Textpattern with high quality and diverse language packs.

On behalf of the worldwide Textpattern community – thank you.