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Core team

Names are listed in alphabetical order (by surname), with forum username in parenthesis.

Current core team

Software development
Server support
  • Pete Cooper (gaekwad)

Emeritus developers

  • Dean Allen (Dean)
  • Mary Fredborg (Mary)
  • Michael Manfre (Manfre)
  • Ruud van Melick (ruud)
  • Pedro Palazón (kusor)
  • Alex Shiels (zem)
  • Jeff Soo (jsoo)
  • Jukka Svahn (Gocom)
  • Sam Weiss (artagesw)
  • Robert Wetzlmayr (wet)
  • Sencer Yurdagül (Sencer)

Forum moderators and enthusiasts

A group of very helpful folks, helping keep the forum organized.

  • Dale Chapman (mrdale)
  • Yiannis Colakides (colak)
  • Steve Dickinson (net-carver)
  • Rabah Messaoudi (Dragondz)
  • Julián Landerreche (maniqui)
  • Els Lepelaars (Els)
  • Rick Silletti (rsilletti)
  • Destry Wion (Destry)
  • Patrick Woods (hakjoon)


Although we cannot guarantee that all patches will be used, all are welcomed and greatly appreciated. The following are those who submitted patches that were added to the core, listed in no particular order…

  • Philippe Wittenbergh (phiw13)
  • Ruud van Melick (ruud)
  • Julián Landerreche (maniqui)
  • makss
  • Patrick Lefevre (Pat64)
  • Adi Gilbert (adi)
  • Nicolas Morand (NicolasGraph)
  • Aleth Gueguen (planeth)
  • Alexandre le Bienheureux (GugUser)
  • Mark A. Gibbs (DarkerStar)
  • ClaireBrione (CeBe)
  • Andy Carter (drmonkeyninja)
  • Destry Wion (destry)
  • Stoyvo
  • Craig Erskine (craigerskine)
  • Petri (kuopassa)
  • Bert Garcia (hcgtv)
  • Julian Reisenberger (jakob)
  • Dinoact
  • hfl

…plus a host of translators that make Textpattern’s interface available in so many languages. Thank you!


Textpattern’s current website (2017+) was designed and built by Phil Wareham and additional contributors. Full source code for the website is available on GitHub.

The Textpattern logo is a Philipp Schilling Graphik Design creation.

Copy text is narrated by Peter Moulding, Destry Wion, the development team and many more.

Corrections and omissions

We have done our best to keep this list as accurate as possible. Please contact us with any corrections or additions.