Textpattern repository moved to Google Code

As a pragmatic result of our long-lasting struggle to tame the touchy Subversion host we finally gave in and moved our code repository.

While being there, we’ve also established a mailing list which broadcasts commit notifications.

Note: To obtain your own working copy of the repository, you will need a fresh checkout. Relocating an existing copy will not work as the repository UUIDs have changed. To preserve any private modifications, create a patch file from your old working copy and re-apply this patch to the fresh checkout.

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  1. I’m hosting a few projects on Google Code myself and I think it’s a great service. It might be a good thing for textpattern to be hosted over there.

    For users on Mac OS X there is also something similar to Tortoise SVN. It’s called svnX and is easier to handle than the command line.

  2. Yay!

    Minor detail, but why did you all choose textpattern-cms instead of textpattern for the project name?

  3. Cool, we get a bug tracker.

  4. Cool! Congratulations!

  5. So, it’s no longer on barclay – It’s the end of an era?

  6. I hold the project website.. textpattern.googlecode.com

    I would have gladly given it to you!

  7. Actually, I think Barclay was ready to retire anyway. I went through the whole emo thing with Cardero, but in hindsight it’s been a good move. And I think this one will be good, too.

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