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Feature focus: live pageless sections for hidden content

Go beyond the page in Textpattern 4.8, with sections that have no visible content. What?! Have the developers gone crazy? How does shadowy content hiding behind the front page help? Join us as we expose what it can do for you and your websites.

Textpattern: Generations

Among the sun-drenched skyscrapers of Olde London Town, some virtual strangers with only Textpattern in common met in a pub. With just beer, handheld devices and a network close by, what could they possibly talk about?

Four men and a whiteboard

What happens when you wedge four geeks in a room? Surprisingly little in tangible output, but some great codeworthy exploration and daft pictures. Find out how the North Bristol Textpattern meetup went down.

The road to Textpattern 5

As Textpattern 4.3.0 draws nearer to a release, it’s time to look forward a little to Textpattern 5. This weblog entry holds important information — especially for plugin authors and admin themers — to help gear up now for the proposed changes in Textpattern 5.

Tag parser part 2: speed

Most, if not all changes in the parser affect its speed. Generally speaking, more features means lower speed, but optimizing other parts of the parser can compensate this. In this second article about the new parser in Textpattern CMS 4.0.7, I’ll discuss the various changes to the parser, the impact they have on parsing speed and how you can optimize templates for speed.

Conventional RSS

I’ve been speaking with Matt Mullenweg from WordPress about establishing a common set of clarifications and assumptions for RSS 2.0 feeds.